Terms and agreements

We encourage you to review the following usage rules investment resource before you start cooperation with a project BT Seven.

General provisions

1.1 the Commission of the project for the withdrawal of funds is 0% of output by the user amount.
1.2 Withdrawal is only possible after processing your previous application.
1.3 by Registering with us You agree to these rules in full.

The rights and obligations of the user

2.1 cash deposits on its balance sheet.

The rights and obligations of administration


4.3 the List of the payment systems by which you can make the Deposit and withdrawal of funds may be corrected by the administration.

4.5 Requests for withdrawal are accepted around the clock.


5.2 the Administration shall not be liable to the User for actions of other Users.
5.3 by registering You agree to the terms of this agreement.
5.4 All possible complaints and feedback about the functioning of the System should be sent to the official email address of the project.