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Sports betting

Our team features the best sports analysts with great experience. We provide our clients with the opportunity to earn money on a full liability, just register and invest in any plan.

Betting on eSports

Our team has even the cappers for eSports. Though it is an unconventional sport, but it is possible to earn. Our cyber intelligence daily has watched all the games and know all the teams and players that allows to do accurate bets and make a profit.
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Professional betting

BT Seven – best investment site

Opportunity for passive income from investments

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To cooperate with BT Seven just because all the difficulties we undertake – you just need to invest and make a profit. Easy, profitable, reliable

BT Seven - это проект, где заработать может любой желающий. Earnings do not need any special knowledge, everything is completely "turnkey". Our specialists put bets in different bookmakers and then we give returns to our investors according to the tariff plan.

We have a very stable project. Because surplusului days we defer the profit to the reserves and if negative will day, the investor is guaranteed to receive a percentage of the profits according to his tariff plan. We have thought of everything, each client will be able to earn decent money on the full liability.

Affiliate program

Also with us you can earn even without investing a penny! We have a very generous affiliate program with the opportunity to develop and enhance partner contributions!
  • Attract partners

    Register and use the unique affiliate link in order to invite the investor in the project.
  • Earn rewards

    Get as a reward 6% - 2% - 2% of the Deposit created by your partners. You can also improve partner percentage to 10% -3% -2%
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